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  1. Talia Williamson

    Talia WilliamsonПре 3 дана

    Didn't any notice his t shirt....

  2. Amina Sadiq

    Amina SadiqПре 5 дана

    Well done Simon he won finally you are awesome love when he just screams and shouts

  3. Edward Yeung

    Edward YeungПре 8 дана


  4. NoCap Jack

    NoCap JackПре 9 дана

    Looking For People Play This With!.....Hope i Can Reach Over 2k One Day...Bless Up!!!!.

  5. NoCap Jack

    NoCap JackПре 9 дана

    Looking For People Play This With!.....Hope i Can Reach Over 2k One Day...Bless Up!!!!.


    BLOODEПре 15 дана

    Omg that was awesome love it smm this is epic how he acts on fall guyss

  7. Justin Angelo Alvarez

    Justin Angelo AlvarezПре 20 дана

    you want no respawn?, there's a mode XTREME FALL GUYS just for that...

  8. Kilwolski

    KilwolskiПре 22 дана

    So my question is that really Simon replying to comments or his editor



    What a win in the end

  10. condoms and curry

    condoms and curryПре 25 дана

    Love fall guys

  11. CM7

    CM7Пре 27 дана

    Fall guys will get revived a bit when it comes on xbox

  12. Y

    YПре 28 дана

    Need a sidemen vid of this

  13. Talal Osama Maroof

    Talal Osama MaroofПре 29 дана

    Slime scraper is so easy I speedeun it like every time why did u struggle so much on it

  14. Talal Osama Maroof

    Talal Osama MaroofПре 29 дана

    I thought it was gonna come with a rage ending but no a win ending for once😂

  15. much2Ask

    much2AskПре месец

    Its sad how fall guys died so fast because of among us, and now among us died even faster

  16. Pangea Park & Resorts

    Pangea Park & ResortsПре 29 дана

    ik it died quicker :D

  17. Suresh Singh

    Suresh SinghПре месец

    Me when i saw the title ((we dont care))

  18. EweiKiwi

    EweiKiwiПре месец

    They added custom looby’s btw

  19. UltimatelyDumb

    UltimatelyDumbПре месец

    Simon:ahh I’ve fallen Me:and I can’t get up!

  20. Aryan Gaming

    Aryan GamingПре месец

    He will not reply to this

  21. Zaydaan Cajee

    Zaydaan CajeeПре месец

    Get the sidemen involved.

  22. Loki Din

    Loki DinПре месец

    The return of pineapple pigeon

  23. alternate

    alternateПре месец

    The reason I hate this game well I don’t hate it I just regional a lot is there’s so many maps that you have to get good at especially if you’re just starting off it is so hard

  24. Can i get 1 Sub

    Can i get 1 SubПре месец

    *I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life..*

  25. Ihavethelongestnameonallofyoutubedoiifnothenkillme

    IhavethelongestnameonallofyoutubedoiifnothenkillmeПре месец

    oh boi I cant wait for summer break in my country I'm just 2 weeks away from it I wanna play this new maps

  26. Rice And Peas muncha

    Rice And Peas munchaПре месец

    So I have to bring back my comment Fall guys: Releases new maps Simon: Hi again it’s me

  27. Jeffin Roji Thayyil

    Jeffin Roji ThayyilПре месец

    This game is not addictive at all😂

  28. Liam Ward

    Liam WardПре месец

    Streamer life simulator is dead

  29. Jay chavan

    Jay chavanПре месец

    I was the TOMATO SKIN

  30. OddsOdd

    OddsOddПре месец

    for the low gravity hex-a-gone if you all survive for 5 minutes you can all win so it would never last forever

  31. Thebest __10

    Thebest __10Пре месец

    Simon you should do some coustom lobbies on stream that would be sick

  32. CoolXZY

    CoolXZYПре месец

    Ngl I decided to play fall guys with my friends and it’s honestly still very fun. The new variety to the maps makes the game so much more fun

  33. adithi shrikanth

    adithi shrikanthПре месец

    im the tomato donny


    YT SUBBERПре месец

    Clutch ending though!

  35. Mexican Dad

    Mexican DadПре месец

    Please someone tell me which cloth is simon wearing???

  36. Blazeシ

    BlazeシПре месец


  37. Rhyce Palmer

    Rhyce PalmerПре месец

    Simon we’re is streamer life sim

  38. Zombie_The_Roblox_ God

    Zombie_The_Roblox_ GodПре месец

    Finally found yt that appreciates games even if their dead

  39. Drizyz x

    Drizyz xПре месец

    I forgot this game existed

  40. hussein khanbhai

    hussein khanbhaiПре месец

    streamer life simulator plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  41. yoongiuwu

    yoongiuwuПре месец

    let’s not bring this back?

  42. Tharsan J

    Tharsan JПре месец

    lit ep.

  43. samkill090

    samkill090Пре месец

    No why this game is poo

  44. Elvin Olin

    Elvin OlinПре месец

    1:56 I didnt like that 😅

  45. HardLockVevo

    HardLockVevoПре месец

    I know why he isn’t playing streamer life simulator as much. Cause there’s nothing to do in it anymore

  46. Helen ibbotson

    Helen ibbotsonПре месец

    Is there going to be a new streamer life video and if there is when

  47. Matej K

    Matej KПре месец

    Who else is going on skyline stumble for flippers. Cuz i do

  48. POKO

    POKOПре месец

    I think Simon plays it still because this game does rightfully deserve some respect. It's just still needs custom maps/lobbies. Content is a lot better now. But it can be better. There needs to be a new map weekly and more rng based maps (maps that change layout a bit everytime)

  49. Bibhushan Rajthala

    Bibhushan RajthalaПре месец

    that was a crazy ending

  50. Bibhushan Rajthala

    Bibhushan RajthalaПре месец

    we need to get this game back to life and get the sidemen play...new levels are sick

  51. Otaku Cat

    Otaku CatПре месец

    Sidemen need to play garlic phone

  52. Jaden Hall

    Jaden HallПре месец

    You should play resident evil village

  53. EVIL L33M0N

    EVIL L33M0NПре месец

    Streamer simulator

  54. Phil Jeavons

    Phil JeavonsПре месец

    I’m glad they made harder varieties, before it was way too easy. That’s why people left it quick. If there’s an actual challenge too it more people will keep playing, especially with friends.

  55. MM7Games

    MM7GamesПре месец

    Just helps brings a bit of fun back into it!

  56. Big Yeet

    Big YeetПре месец

    Best have a 20 min streamer life simulator tomorrow

  57. Jared Sapp

    Jared SappПре месец

    Jake Paul is amazing!!!

  58. Psycho Man

    Psycho ManПре месец

    You should try a game called (friday night funkin)

  59. Tiago Cacao (Wiggahigga)

    Tiago Cacao (Wiggahigga)Пре месец

    Yo, who else wants a GTA RP from him?

  60. 4everpku

    4everpkuПре месец

    am here smoking joints waiting for streamer life sim and u drop this simoneeee il give a pass cause its fall guys

  61. 12345

    12345Пре месец

    Yo simon sik at this game

  62. Help me reach 4k with 1 videos

    Help me reach 4k with 1 videosПре месец

    Heavenly Father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive safe healthy and financially blessed

  63. Wubince Champagne

    Wubince ChampagneПре месец

    Ahhh only if fall guys did this in mid sep

  64. MirPlayz

    MirPlayzПре месец


  65. Albert Manktelow

    Albert ManktelowПре месец

    11:02 never seen someone so happy to be last bro 😂😂😂

  66. jam axe

    jam axeПре месец


  67. Rileyf09 YT

    Rileyf09 YTПре месец

    We want streamed life simulaator

  68. No

    NoПре месец


  69. Shokran Haidari

    Shokran HaidariПре месец

    We want streamer life Edit:this is also good but where is streamer life

  70. Shokran Haidari

    Shokran HaidariПре месец

    Where is streamer life

  71. Teddy Vary

    Teddy VaryПре месец

    I actually love when Simon uploads fall guys vids

  72. Saskiyahhh V

    Saskiyahhh VПре месец

    Where's Talia ??

  73. Keaton Long

    Keaton LongПре месец

    Simon you brighten our everyday!

  74. Dire Assassins

    Dire AssassinsПре месец

    Petition for Simon to upload streamer simulator every day

  75. amber

    amberПре месец

    the music is so nostalgic omddd

  76. Shokran Haidari

    Shokran HaidariПре месец

    Wdym the game is like a year old

  77. Wrxith

    WrxithПре месец

    The new slimb climb team map is cool because its good but its also bad because its hard

  78. Feekso Mcfatso

    Feekso McfatsoПре месец

    PLay more fall guys or you are guy

  79. Matt Mainline

    Matt MainlineПре месец

    The day after I say I wonder when Simon is going to play fall guys season 4.5 😂

  80. Brangue M

    Brangue MПре месец

    Fall guys is that sidechick where you comeback to her time from time.

  81. Lxtzi-_-

    Lxtzi-_-Пре месец

    @MM7Games ...may have had that...jk

  82. andrea palmer

    andrea palmerПре месец

    @MM7Games yeah and the main chick is streamer life simulator

  83. MM7Games

    MM7GamesПре месец

    She treats you good for one night, but the main chick is worth going back for.


    C7N AL7AMMADIПре месец

    Even though fall guys is dead, it’s fun watching Simon playing it

  85. Ami Morad

    Ami MoradПре месец

    everyone just waiting for streamer life sim loooool

  86. Its_devster

    Its_devsterПре месец


  87. Johnross Medlyn

    Johnross MedlynПре месец

    Where’s streamer life !

  88. Phoenix Plays-YT

    Phoenix Plays-YTПре месец

    Simon we all want streamer life simulator

  89. Boris

    BorisПре месец

    Any thinking about streamer simulator just type it on RSclub part 1 and watch others consistently posting it. There is so much to the game I’m surprised simons not pumping it out

  90. MysticStrike Force

    MysticStrike ForceПре месец

    I can't wait for the summer for this game to be on the switch ill play it all day on the switch.

  91. Rylan Johnson

    Rylan JohnsonПре месец

    Yo where is the consistent streamer life simulator episodes gone😭😭

  92. Darniall

    DarniallПре месец

    You gonna do custom games on twitch

  93. Reshirex

    ReshirexПре месец


  94. Sherry Tiller

    Sherry TillerПре месец

    I love how Simon jumps off some other donny going down right at the end. Lol FTW!!

  95. CRYPT_Bog

    CRYPT_BogПре месец

    Lmao Simon got some next level sunburn

  96. Faceless

    FacelessПре месец

    It is just me or you all forgot about fall guys

  97. Mihir Neal

    Mihir NealПре месец

    I legit thought it was streamer life simulator

  98. Jerry Cherry

    Jerry CherryПре месец

    Only ppl who don't play Fall Guys can like this

  99. Jerry Cherry

    Jerry CherryПре месец

    POV: Your sad cause there is no streamer life simulator today

  100. Albert Manktelow

    Albert ManktelowПре месец

    Don’t be too sad bro atleast he’s releasing regular and good content for us basically everyday 😊

  101. Tom808 !

    Tom808 !Пре месец

    Simon: This is going to be my last fall guys video 50 Videos later he is still doing fall guys videos

  102. Not Kyaz

    Not KyazПре месец


  103. Destroyer of evil

    Destroyer of evilПре месец

    Cn you play twd again pls

  104. Matthew Crane

    Matthew CraneПре месец

    Is it just me or does fall guys look kinda fun again ?

  105. ShockHat734

    ShockHat734Пре месец

    Always has been

  106. JJ Kilhij

    JJ KilhijПре месец

    it definitely is worth playing again if you stopped, lots of new content and maps!

  107. Zakiry

    ZakiryПре месец

    Fall guys actually seems so fun

  108. NoCap Jack

    NoCap JackПре 9 дана

    @Phil Shady Looking For People Play This With!.....Hope i Can Reach Over 2k One Day...Bless Up!!!!.

  109. NoCap Jack

    NoCap JackПре 9 дана

    Looking For People Play This With!.....Hope i Can Reach Over 2k One Day...Bless Up!!!!.

  110. MirPlayz

    MirPlayzПре месец

    @Phil Shady it is very fun tho

  111. ShockHat734

    ShockHat734Пре месец

    Phil Shady it is tho

  112. Frinz Khiane

    Frinz KhianeПре месец

    It is, not until you played 10 times of frustration.

  113. Cr1ms0n Turtl3

    Cr1ms0n Turtl3Пре месец


  114. Alexis1

    Alexis1Пре месец

    Bro post steamer life

  115. Kavitha Naveen

    Kavitha NaveenПре месец

    hey Simon will pls play ARK survival evolved its a really fun game and I'd love to see series on it I'm sure a lot of other people would like it to so will you pls play it