I Got Banned..

What else shall we do??

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  1. Harvey Green

    Harvey GreenПре 10 дана

    Complete every house, also buy everything in the game 🤷🏼‍♂️

  2. OlivierMazur_GK

    OlivierMazur_GKПре 15 дана

    Pls do F1 2021

  3. Rishi Apte

    Rishi ApteПре 16 дана

    Run the dog over

  4. Alfie115

    Alfie115Пре 16 дана

    Counter-strika got a better anti-cheat than Warzone

  5. Savylee 1

    Savylee 1Пре 17 дана

    When he got banned he shoulda made a joke about Jarvis innit


    PYSCHOFNM ✓⃝Пре 17 дана

    Play joshes gta game mode

  7. Jaybriel Thamae

    Jaybriel ThamaeПре 18 дана

    doesn't everyone love how Simon says rom instead of room

  8. Tyler Hall

    Tyler HallПре 18 дана

    Also, how is no one chattin bout’ da thumbnail???

  9. Tyler Hall

    Tyler HallПре 18 дана

    POV: u say ur rich but eat dog food

  10. James

    JamesПре 19 дана

    petion for simon to play cat goes fishing

  11. Red Phantom

    Red PhantomПре 19 дана

    do ur 24 hour stream

  12. Conor Stevens

    Conor StevensПре 19 дана

    Hey Simon since you are getting bored of Streamer Life simulator I have know a cool game you can play called INSIDE, you can download it on steam and I think it would make a good series.

  13. reevez

    reevezПре 19 дана

    what the game name??

  14. Ali Bin Shahid

    Ali Bin ShahidПре 20 дана

    please play dead by daylight

  15. Leevi Palo

    Leevi PaloПре 20 дана

    Buy every pet

  16. Zach Fletcher

    Zach FletcherПре 20 дана

    Play some more overcoocked with viz and talia

  17. Myles Linden

    Myles LindenПре 20 дана

    play fortnite

  18. StretchGames HD

    StretchGames HDПре 20 дана

    What's wrong with xrp? I'd like to know.

  19. Milan Nefkens

    Milan NefkensПре 20 дана

    Play stranded deep!!!

  20. mat dirn

    mat dirnПре 21 дан

    I legit saw the porsche parked while he went to the dealer

  21. Sebastian // SBG

    Sebastian // SBGПре 21 дан

    All my car fans know the Hachiroku is the best

  22. Astatine

    AstatineПре 21 дан

    gotta be honest these titles and clickbait finally got me, i didnt think this was a streamer life simulator

  23. Pickle Thompson

    Pickle ThompsonПре 21 дан

    Bus simulator

  24. Dusty Gamer16

    Dusty Gamer16Пре 21 дан

    Your car is on your right side at 12:49

  25. Michael Addai

    Michael AddaiПре 21 дан

    rated x clothing

  26. Luke Strong

    Luke StrongПре 21 дан

    Just wanted to be comment 666 don’t mind me

  27. Lucid

    LucidПре 21 дан

    finish the series standing on top of a car over the lake eating pigs

  28. Mrgamer

    MrgamerПре 21 дан

    YOu should build the best setup for each of the new houses even in the shack next to the lake

  29. firepit212

    firepit212Пре 21 дан

    In the last episode buy a triple monitor setuo

  30. Memeulous

    MemeulousПре 21 дан

    12:49 lost car ?

  31. Piggynator Gaming

    Piggynator GamingПре 21 дан

    Build a setup in every house.

  32. Kwaedza Moyo

    Kwaedza MoyoПре 21 дан


  33. Qasim Ali

    Qasim AliПре 21 дан

    Wanna see Zornhub fam

  34. dragon13811

    dragon13811Пре 22 дана

    upgrade your pc, adopt all dogs, turn one house into bitcoin mine

  35. Aleksander Hammervold

    Aleksander HammervoldПре 22 дана

    You should try to fill one of your houses to the brim with bitcoin-miners

  36. Andrea FF

    Andrea FFПре 22 дана

    Play RSclubr life 2 or 1

  37. Matty Brew

    Matty BrewПре 22 дана

    Keep going with the gas station game

  38. HalfSwitch

    HalfSwitchПре 22 дана

    12:50 is that the red car Simon is looking for?

  39. skinkey

    skinkeyПре 22 дана

    Ayo this clickbait

  40. Mark Young

    Mark YoungПре 22 дана


  41. Sean Macaulay Year 8

    Sean Macaulay Year 8Пре 22 дана

    or subnautica

  42. Sean Macaulay Year 8

    Sean Macaulay Year 8Пре 22 дана

    you should do stranded deep

  43. Ethan Pigden

    Ethan PigdenПре 22 дана

    Do a 24hr streaaaammmm

  44. MzkoaSF

    MzkoaSFПре 22 дана

    At 12:48 the nice car is on the right of your screen

  45. Jostein Egeland

    Jostein EgelandПре 22 дана

    But all the dogs

  46. Matthew Hawksworth

    Matthew HawksworthПре 22 дана

    Yo Simon when gas station sim coming out that was heavy

  47. Aviwim Gaming

    Aviwim GamingПре 22 дана

    Hi simon

  48. Shaheen Ali

    Shaheen AliПре 22 дана


  49. ShadowKing

    ShadowKingПре 22 дана

    Will Simon reply?

  50. Pynxx _

    Pynxx _Пре 22 дана

    Buy all the dogs and turn the flat into a crypto mine and live in the house instead put the dogs in the other house opposite

  51. MAXIM The InternetBreaker

    MAXIM The InternetBreakerПре 22 дана

    I'm waiting for this series to be over.

  52. Ti Co

    Ti CoПре 22 дана

    Decorate the house 🏡

  53. Nibba Gang

    Nibba GangПре 22 дана

    You should do a episode hunting down Lucas

  54. Dylan Mc mahon

    Dylan Mc mahonПре 22 дана

    Buy all the dogs

  55. Ibrahim Farooqui

    Ibrahim FarooquiПре 22 дана

    Everytime I see a video of streamer life simulator I get excited but then I realize that it’s coming to an end

  56. Azar313

    Azar313Пре 22 дана

    You should play ranch simulator demo again as they have updated it is completely different to what you played

  57. Ottavio Liburdi

    Ottavio LiburdiПре 22 дана

    Last episode, bring Bertie outside and hit him with the van

  58. Ely45 Chan

    Ely45 ChanПре 22 дана

    Last episode ideas 1. In game Subathon 2. Play on the terrorist team 3.get bertie a friend 4. Find the car

  59. G T

    G TПре 22 дана

    Join NoPixel?

  60. G T

    G TПре 22 дана

    My G play scary games or maybe some challenges for old days sake like Carolina reaper or someting with alcohol?

  61. Chloe elsweiler

    Chloe elsweilerПре 22 дана

    We wanna see u decorate the houses😤

  62. yu hung

    yu hungПре 22 дана

    Buy all dogs

  63. Reflex 2k

    Reflex 2kПре 22 дана

    Buy all the dogs and walk around the city

  64. Milow Schulte

    Milow SchulteПре 22 дана

    Tommy is better

  65. Hyper Phantom Limit

    Hyper Phantom LimitПре 22 дана

    You should try out anime games for a new series

  66. Mawss01

    Mawss01Пре 22 дана

    Play gta roleplay

  67. Oliver Oil

    Oliver OilПре 22 дана

    If you like simulators Simon House Flipper or my personal favorite Chair Fucking Simulatorr, it's great. I joke, but genuinely, House Flipper is great, it's on of the best sims on Steam

  68. Jayden Glasgow

    Jayden GlasgowПре 22 дана

    The only series of his that I don’t like and he keeps clickbaiting me 😩

  69. Jakob Nyström

    Jakob NyströmПре 22 дана

    I want to see you DESTROY Lucas

  70. David Gataua

    David GatauaПре 22 дана

    If this is the last you should play conan exciles pls

  71. ps4 games

    ps4 gamesПре 22 дана

    internet cafe similator 2

  72. Sajesh B.Rajesh

    Sajesh B.RajeshПре 22 дана

    Could you pls play animal party with the sidemen or with anyone else

  73. Jimi S

    Jimi SПре 22 дана

    gas station sim

  74. MIHA_YT

    MIHA_YTПре 22 дана

    that one with the spoiler

  75. MIHA_YT

    MIHA_YTПре 22 дана

    i saw your car

  76. Agumvir Singh

    Agumvir SinghПре 22 дана

    12:48 well we saw ur nice car on the right side

  77. daniel lett

    daniel lettПре 22 дана

    100% design and do up the new houses whilst purchasing all the dogs 😂

  78. daniel lett

    daniel lettПре 22 дана

    100% design and do up the new houses whilst purchasing all the dogs 😂

  79. MIHA_YT

    MIHA_YTПре 22 дана

    play subnotica

  80. Stay Sharp

    Stay SharpПре 22 дана

    Simon stream: "I am rich" Also Simon: eats dog food

  81. Five Drops

    Five DropsПре 22 дана


  82. its_dynito

    its_dynitoПре 22 дана

    build the worst pc ever


    IMOJO DOJOПре 22 дана

    "What is this lovely concoction" 🤣🤣

  84. MoZ10 Vlogz

    MoZ10 VlogzПре 22 дана


  85. abeer k

    abeer kПре 22 дана


  86. Nik Thirlby

    Nik ThirlbyПре 22 дана

    I commented yesterday but I don’t think he saw, I spotted your expensive car to the right at 12.50 when you were pushing the black car, your welcome 👌

  87. Adith Reddy

    Adith ReddyПре 22 дана

    start playing valorant with talia

  88. Grape

    GrapeПре 22 дана

    i can't believe Tommyinnit is close to beating Simon's main channel to 10 mil

  89. Noob In fort

    Noob In fortПре 22 дана

    12:48 there's your car

  90. Noob In fort

    Noob In fortПре 21 дан

    Right corner

  91. Kavitha Naveen

    Kavitha NaveenПре 22 дана

    hey Simon will pls play ARK survival evolved its a really fun game and I'd love to see series on it I'm sure a lot of other people would like it to so will you pls play it

  92. Ee Zhou

    Ee ZhouПре 22 дана

    Spy party


    KLEINE JAYПре 22 дана

    You should play stranded deep Like if you agree

  94. Lobbster 77

    Lobbster 77Пре 22 дана

    U need to find the car

  95. Boydie

    BoydieПре 22 дана

    12:49 THE CAR YOU LOST IS THERE!!! (Near your house in the city)

  96. angeela ashfaq

    angeela ashfaqПре 22 дана

    Streamer life simulator On stream ???

  97. Sulayman Jobe

    Sulayman JobeПре 22 дана

    Play ranch simulator bro

  98. A-Train

    A-TrainПре 22 дана

    I really like the gas station simulator game a lot ngl.

  99. XanderP

    XanderPПре 22 дана

    Game suggestion: Knockout City

  100. methekiller

    methekillerПре 22 дана

    12:45 the red car just chilling

  101. F2 Gamingz

    F2 GamingzПре 22 дана

    i think gta rp is the thing we all like tat is after streamer life simulator