OUR HIGHEST RATED PLAYER EVER! (The Henry Theory #76) (FIFA Ultimate Team)

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  1. Dermot Killeen

    Dermot KilleenПре 27 дана

    Please get tots wamannnnnn!!!

  2. jonathan flopstein

    jonathan flopsteinПре 28 дана

    Pumba is not a boar

  3. riverflowsxc

    riverflowsxcПре 28 дана

    Is it bad I watched this entire series and caught up in two weeks?

  4. Amal YT

    Amal YTПре 29 дана

    what's the song at 6:04 i really like it so pls tell me 🙂🙂🙂

  5. The Cone 08

    The Cone 08Пре 29 дана

    Kerime the dream............. Benzema

  6. SUnny Gurung

    SUnny GurungПре 29 дана

    Your defending is shite 😂

  7. r/woosh bait

    r/woosh baitПре 18 дана

    Like you

  8. Hlonolofatso Mohlakore

    Hlonolofatso MohlakoreПре 29 дана

    Cool 💟

  9. Joshua Stember

    Joshua StemberПре 29 дана

    Blaming benzama when he's doing the bad shots classic Simon 😂

  10. V3nom-_-

    V3nom-_-Пре месец

    Why doesn’t he play Henry ?

  11. Doughnu1dino 69

    Doughnu1dino 69Пре месец

    I got bluddy griezman out of mine 😢

  12. Jaybriel Thamae

    Jaybriel ThamaeПре месец

    U know Simons lucky when he's pulling boards out of a 75 + rare player pack

  13. Il0lz Allday

    Il0lz AlldayПре месец

    play resident evil village

  14. Aiko-Senpai

    Aiko-SenpaiПре месец


  15. RMP Tekkz

    RMP TekkzПре месец

    Man said Simone it’s Timon lol

  16. Ali adil

    Ali adilПре месец

    I would really like you to see do a ronaldo vs messi video with ksi discussing who is better then the other, and like compare everything about them in a video, 40 min video is enough but you have to give proof why you think the other one is better then the other and yea, in my opinion I think messi is the goat 🐐 Ideas: you can compare passing, shooting, dribbling, set pieces, and contributions and stats

  17. Daniel Baker

    Daniel BakerПре месец

    where is big brother clubs

  18. TheSlayer97

    TheSlayer97Пре месец

    Do the 93+ moments player pick

  19. Madfut Giveaways

    Madfut GiveawaysПре месец

    Simon is meant to do golden goal

  20. Luke Fielding

    Luke FieldingПре месец

    forget the icons, take the packs from swaps

  21. Suraqa Ar

    Suraqa ArПре месец

    Where is big brother clubs

  22. Harvey 10K

    Harvey 10KПре месец

    When did this series hit 70 plus episodes seems like just yesterday he started

  23. Samuel Marquez-Prato

    Samuel Marquez-PratoПре месец

    The Icon packs dont work properly

  24. Samuel Marquez-Prato

    Samuel Marquez-PratoПре месец

    Do the 84+ 20x pack

  25. PistolPet

    PistolPetПре месец

    I think you should do the 92+ Prime icon player pick (9 tokens.) This is because you have a really good chance of getting something real good. You can get 42 players, the top 20 are all over 650k with the bottom one being prime Dalglish.

  26. xBAx

    xBAxПре месец

    He is shooting from wrong angles, position and time. Benzema isnt the problem...

  27. rohan7078

    rohan7078Пре месец

    DO 92+ ATT. PP imo Simon

  28. Fares Shanteer

    Fares ShanteerПре месец

    my favorite icon swap challenge to do is the boundas liga

  29. Createxx

    CreatexxПре месец


  30. Jeremiah Sesay

    Jeremiah SesayПре месец

    quand je tire je marque

  31. Ryan3091

    Ryan3091Пре месец

    Should do the 92 plus for 7 tokens to start as its possible to get why tots is still on which is the only reason this series is still going in simons words. Where as the 93 pp isn’t possible why tots is still a thing and the series could end before the swaps are complete for that.



    Every single time when opponent score "this game is dead mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn"

  33. abeer k

    abeer kПре месец

    Simons inner roadmen comes out every time he says bundas league

  34. adithya anoop

    adithya anoopПре месец

    Simon im telling you end this banger episode with a 93+ icon moments pick

  35. Ryan3091

    Ryan3091Пре месец

    The 93 pp isn’t possible until mid June so think you mean series not episode

  36. Shaun Sal

    Shaun SalПре месец

    Get George Best, to bring back the days from Fifa 16 cause of the 'Very Best' Series

  37. Youssef Aly

    Youssef AlyПре месец

    i found out i have an addiction to a drug named simon

  38. Zaid Mohammed

    Zaid MohammedПре месец

    music at 5:56 ?

  39. Tanush Bedi

    Tanush BediПре месец

    the 93+ icon moments pp

  40. Marwane Al Aabqary

    Marwane Al AabqaryПре месец

    1:15 "BUNDAsliga"

  41. Aanand Shah

    Aanand ShahПре месец

    When’s the next big brother clubs coming

  42. Harresh Segaran

    Harresh SegaranПре месец

    Bruh..the pack luck in this series

  43. Ciccio Di Ginosa

    Ciccio Di GinosaПре месец

    Manny’s shaking in his boots cause Simon put that rakitic in his team😂

  44. chris egan

    chris eganПре месец

    Never gets old always get me

  45. Yaz

    YazПре месец

    The luck in this series is out of this world

  46. shane bhanot

    shane bhanotПре месец

    Tots benzama isn't the best in gameplay as I thought he would be, but the end is not at the horizon yet

  47. Alex Scott

    Alex ScottПре месец

    6:05 what song is that

  48. F2 to f1 Career mode!!

    F2 to f1 Career mode!!Пре месец

    About time

  49. Zak Yousaf

    Zak YousafПре месец

    I got benzema from my 85+5 pack aswell

  50. Chady Sleiman

    Chady SleimanПре месец

    Varane and mendy virgin

  51. Nabil Haris

    Nabil HarisПре месец

    Low-key who else thought that the highest rated player was going to come from the prime moments pack

  52. PureAsGold

    PureAsGoldПре месец

    I knew it was benzema before the video

  53. Fuzion_Filthy

    Fuzion_FilthyПре месец

    Never thought I would hear Simon rapping love sosa

  54. Reshirex

    ReshirexПре месец


  55. Thomas Furlong

    Thomas FurlongПре месец

    Get Danny arrons as a guest

  56. Majow Trick

    Majow TrickПре месец

    For the next fifa can you use nakata

  57. JP Medina (Dogoe3)

    JP Medina (Dogoe3)Пре месец

    Whats the song playing in the background when he gets the sick benzema ??

  58. Ashley (Ashley)

    Ashley (Ashley)Пре месец

    tHiS iS WhY iM QuItTiNg FiFa

  59. yash waghela

    yash waghelaПре месец

    Do player pick for options

  60. Naif Khan

    Naif KhanПре месец

    I have benzema and varane and kimmich untradabale lol

  61. Reshirex

    ReshirexПре месец


  62. Mus1810

    Mus1810Пре месец


  63. Can i get 1 Sub

    Can i get 1 SubПре месец

    *I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life.*

  64. Rami Hodroj

    Rami HodrojПре месец

    2:58 at least a tots 3:15 inform walkout 4:07 another normal walkout 4:32 stinker tots 4:57 another stinker walkout 5:50 BEST PACKKK 6:42 not bad tots 7:18 2 player picks 10:40 stinker walkout 13:14 stinker icon

  65. roi shoval

    roi shovalПре месец

    Simon do the waman sbc he is very good


    CAITANO DE MELOПре месец


  67. Khalil Weise

    Khalil WeiseПре месец

    Try get both pf the icin player picks



    Buy tots messi

  69. fuj dud

    fuj dudПре месец

    bro make a french team, your players are cracked

  70. Josh Meredith

    Josh MeredithПре месец

    1 goal rule for icon swaps frendlies

  71. Farhan Mulla

    Farhan MullaПре месец

    93+ player pick

  72. imHomura_

    imHomura_Пре месец

    Heres Simons red listed pack luck while i'm out here opening these and getting all normal gold rares, and i opened 5 100k packs and my best player was Veratti. Spain without the S

  73. x alpha o

    x alpha oПре месец

    Just do icon moments pack for 5 tokens

  74. Yiannis Michael

    Yiannis MichaelПре месец

    Its may and simon is stil complaining about the opponent moving his keeper lol

  75. Rhys Jedi

    Rhys JediПре месец

    I packed moments Henry from my 5 icon swap pack

  76. Mary Ann Wells

    Mary Ann WellsПре месец

    93 icon pick if possible

  77. Dogsha 1

    Dogsha 1Пре месец

    Posted a fifa videos at the same time as tobi

  78. Zain

    ZainПре месец

    Why his team is called leicester city

  79. Tristan Weideman

    Tristan WeidemanПре месец

    auto block repair, auto block replace

  80. Lucas McCafferty

    Lucas McCaffertyПре месец

    You should do the 7 token one the 5 token one and the 1-3 token ones.

  81. TimmyPlays

    TimmyPlaysПре месец

    Simon build player picks and upgrade packs, 50, 100 just to fill ur club with fodder and potentially HUGE tots

  82. Θοδωρής Κισσουράς

    Θοδωρής ΚισσουράςПре месец

    I think you should do the 16 token icon swaps pack (93+ icon moments player pick), but that is just my opinion :)

  83. MasterMind23

    MasterMind23Пре месец

    my benzema is way better then a team of the season

  84. alstar

    alstarПре месец

    this guy said llorente is not great

  85. Alfaa

    AlfaaПре месец

    Bro wheres Big brother clubs

  86. Joshua Neils

    Joshua NeilsПре месец

    The state of Fifa nowadays is so sad

  87. Philippe Rizk

    Philippe RizkПре месец

    i got benzema as well

  88. Shihab shams

    Shihab shamsПре месец

    return of simons on of fav player in the last series...benzema

  89. Ethxn Stxrrie

    Ethxn StxrrieПре месец

    Why didn’t you quit Simon it’s golden goal

  90. Bradvardy

    BradvardyПре месец


  91. Aldi Aquila

    Aldi AquilaПре месец

    DO 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 SIMON

  92. Devansh Tanna

    Devansh TannaПре месец

    Let Talia only open the icon packs

  93. Devansh Tanna

    Devansh TannaПре месец

    @H C oh yeah

  94. H C

    H CПре месец

    She doesn’t live with him anymore so they can’t

  95. Emmanuel Wamuleli

    Emmanuel WamuleliПре месец

    Shout-out please🙄

  96. Hector Hernandez

    Hector HernandezПре месец

    Do the 93 icon moments player pick

  97. Hector Hernandez

    Hector HernandezПре месец

    I got Icon moments viera so it’s was good

  98. RBdaHBK

    RBdaHBKПре месец

    You should do a Carrasco fiasco for fifa 22

  99. Edgar Jr Escoto

    Edgar Jr EscotoПре месец

    Simon gets benzema again same as last fifa

  100. Poo

    PooПре месец

    What with the camera quality

  101. Mr.Muffin-Man

    Mr.Muffin-ManПре месец

    for all you fifa lovers, is there going to be another TOTY this fifa?

  102. Boodi

    BoodiПре месец

    Varane and mendy? You disgust me

  103. killer__beatz

    killer__beatzПре месец


  104. dedadeni

    dedadeniПре месец

    How many people get the Love sosa reference?

  105. Joshieboy1998

    Joshieboy1998Пре месец

    I was the same my last win took ages i had fb inaki willams too from a player so he helped me out haha

  106. Aboood Kdndmdjdjjdn

    Aboood KdndmdjdjjdnПре месец

    Simon: there’s this isak that looks decent Me: bruuuuuuuh

  107. Troy Sander

    Troy SanderПре 23 дана

    He’s class

  108. Matthew

    MatthewПре месец

    I swear your luck is insane. Im waitching this and packed viera from the 91+ Prime Icon pack

  109. MM7Games

    MM7GamesПре 29 дана

    We've been smashing the pack pulls recently! 💰