PlayStation invited me and Talia to go head-to-head on the new Sackboy™️: A Big Adventure Knit-Speedrun Challenge on PS5 😂

The new Challenges let you take on a global leaderboard with great prizes up for grabs the better you do, plus you can see where you rank against me and your mates 👀

Head to the comments to show me your best times 🙌
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  1. esi craft

    esi craftПре 27 дана

    some 6 y old chinese speerunner watching this be like: *pathetic*

  2. CookiestMonster

    CookiestMonsterПре 9 дана


  3. ZenEcho

    ZenEchoПре 27 дана


  4. CookiestMonster

    CookiestMonsterПре 9 дана


  5. Fotis

    FotisПре месец

    You should have put vs willne

  6. Ochinsang Kichu

    Ochinsang KichuПре месец

    After watching the fastest finish (24 secs) I feel bad that they're missing so many shortcuts 😂

  7. CookiestMonster

    CookiestMonsterПре 9 дана

    And they dont know how to roll

  8. AyyArjun

    AyyArjunПре месец

    Simon gets paid to fake scream awkwardly

  9. Rybo _

    Rybo _Пре месец

    anyone else just seen the add

  10. Pratik Ahire

    Pratik AhireПре месец

    This is a fuck all game

  11. Sandis Stankevičs

    Sandis StankevičsПре месец

    30 secs 😏

  12. Eytan Ofir

    Eytan OfirПре месец

    I swear the sponserd games are always so bad

  13. Juliexx

    JuliexxПре месец

    Simon supporting Talia was so cute but also the most halarious thing 😂

  14. Wolf

    WolfПре месец

    Do this with JJ

  15. EpicLBPTime

    EpicLBPTimeПре месец

    That was fun to watch! I managed to do the challenge in 33 seconds. If you need any tips. I have a video of it on my channel. Also you should really try little Big Planet 3. 👍🙂

  16. Jessica Sutcliffe

    Jessica SutcliffeПре 18 дана

    I tried it when it was free but there were like 5 ppl on so I quit

  17. Ashton Daniels

    Ashton DanielsПре 24 дана

    He did but I realized it was 5 to 4 years ago

  18. HealthAndFit

    HealthAndFitПре месец

    You doing ads to promote you videos ? Came from the youtube ad

  19. Hebbo

    HebboПре месец

    Simon got some yt ads now yeah?

  20. royal

    royalПре месец

    why'd i get an ad for this lmaoo

  21. The Book of Daniel

    The Book of DanielПре месец

    They should pay Cuphead together

  22. J_Aplin

    J_AplinПре месец

    Just watching a random ASMR video, I hear the PlayStation sound and think, oh, is there a new game I haven’t heard of yet. Low and behold i see Simon with a TGF hoodie and Talia next to him. I dont need to sleep now, I’m here for the content.

  23. Juan Perez

    Juan PerezПре месец

    Talia has been replaced with a girlfriend robot

  24. Loui P

    Loui PПре месец

    Getting your girlfriend in vids like this is w stretch on just tryna get a fit girl in the thumbnail

  25. ShiftyBeast

    ShiftyBeastПре месец

    Playstation collabs. Big ups

  26. ChrisDaSpeedster

    ChrisDaSpeedsterПре месец

    6:48 Why did I find that cute?

  27. Zylen Micallef

    Zylen MicallefПре месец

    Have you eaten ur steak

  28. Uzair Ali

    Uzair AliПре месец

    Talia is so adorable in this video😍

  29. EmseTV

    EmseTVПре месец

    Top Ten :)

  30. CookiestMonster

    CookiestMonsterПре месец


  31. Muhammad Patel

    Muhammad PatelПре месец

    Is this free to play?

  32. Can i get 1 Sub

    Can i get 1 SubПре месец

    *I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life...*

  33. Apple Pie

    Apple PieПре месец

    47 seconds

  34. Yxiau

    YxiauПре месец

    Should play Resident Evil village, would be a sick playthrough

  35. Abdul Haashir

    Abdul HaashirПре месец

    Why does she look like a Korean in this vid 🧐

  36. Baeckr

    BaeckrПре месец

    Imagine what KSI is thinking is going on from another room

  37. Jay Patel

    Jay PatelПре месец

    1:55 their synced scream is so good😂

  38. Shaurya Shrivastava

    Shaurya ShrivastavaПре месец

    I like how Simon's so supportive even tough he knows he will have to pay for food if he looses

  39. Jabez Reji

    Jabez RejiПре месец


  40. mally briggs

    mally briggsПре месец


  41. Dustin Mose

    Dustin MoseПре месец

    I feel so bad for Talia you can see the pain in her expressions 😭

  42. Alfredo Duenas

    Alfredo DuenasПре месец

    my best time was 58.42

  43. Data Planet

    Data PlanetПре месец


  44. Anirban paul

    Anirban paulПре месец

    Please play this with JJ. We want to see him break something !!!!! 🤣

  45. john obama

    john obamaПре месец

    Not little big planet 😭😭🤦🏼‍♂️

  46. briarfr

    briarfrПре месец

    Simons trying to be supportive but talua just keeps turning herself down LMAO

  47. JellyBOB

    JellyBOBПре месец

    The conversation afterwards be like: Talia: “Am I actually paying for your lunch or...” Simon: “Well yeaa you think I’m a fraud?”

  48. Erica Play’s

    Erica Play’sПре месец

    I love when they ply together I got invested hard core in y’all’s last one haha

  49. Param Choudhary

    Param ChoudharyПре месец

    I appreciate how simon went an extra mile for the burger part.

  50. Walide Belila

    Walide BelilaПре месец

    It was very very hard

  51. Walide Belila

    Walide BelilaПре месец

    I got to rank 34

  52. Beinerth Chitiva Machado

    Beinerth Chitiva MachadoПре месец

    LMAO, that Outro was GOATED!!!

  53. _ J A R E D _

    _ J A R E D _Пре месец

    To Everyone that might come across this Comment at anytime May God Bless You and Your Family In Jesus Name I Pray Amen😇🙏🏾💕

  54. Hanan Zab

    Hanan ZabПре месец

    Can you make streamer life simulator

  55. Jay Eli

    Jay EliПре месец

    Simon cheering on Talia, wholesome af

  56. Jayant Calla

    Jayant CallaПре месец

    They both are the best

  57. Caprii Music

    Caprii MusicПре месец

    that smile on the start frame... so real


    ZOZO MOZOПре месец

    4:37 simp😔


    ZOZO MOZOПре месец

    2:00 now we know what Simon sounds like when his getting pegged.

  60. Adz Lyfe

    Adz LyfeПре месец

    Its like man in pot game

  61. oscar darnell

    oscar darnellПре месец

    Fun fact: my dad used to be the third highest person when working for GBK before leaving for Prezzo when they almost went down

  62. Javen Tshudy

    Javen TshudyПре месец

    Childish hoodie tho

  63. CookiestMonster

    CookiestMonsterПре месец

    Hi its me CookiestMonsterr

  64. Senitay

    SenitayПре месец

    Doesn’t it kinda looked like they smashed and then she got ready then they filmed

  65. Jainam Shah

    Jainam ShahПре месец

    The synchronised screaming at 1:53 hahaha

  66. fauna

    faunaПре месец

    4:15 shush

  67. Brody VR

    Brody VRПре месец

    I meant 29 seconds

  68. CookiestMonster

    CookiestMonsterПре месец


  69. Brody VR

    Brody VRПре месец

    My time was 29 minutes

  70. CookiestMonster

    CookiestMonsterПре месец

    Good time

  71. Poric Crompton

    Poric CromptonПре месец

    The anger in that “Shhhh” from Talia is unrivalled😂

  72. Sanskar Pandey

    Sanskar PandeyПре месец

    1:55 the sync tho

  73. Luca Gwathmey

    Luca GwathmeyПре месец

    Ya know I got an easy 15 secs, easy claps

  74. SUHIN M.S

    SUHIN M.SПре месец

    This might be the sounds that JJ was talking about 😂

  75. Kavitha Naveen

    Kavitha NaveenПре месец

    hey Simon will pls play ARK survival evolved its a really fun game and I'd love to see series on it I'm sure a lot of other people would like it to so will you pls play it

  76. Napheen

    NapheenПре месец

    4head MAD

  77. demonsluger

    demonslugerПре месец

    Aww Talia finally lookin cute :)

  78. Ibrahim Farooqui

    Ibrahim FarooquiПре месец

    The end bit was way too funny for me 🤣

  79. eXplicitn

    eXplicitnПре месец

    Should've seen one of the fastest one.. they use a totally unorthodox route 😂

  80. Simply For Fun

    Simply For FunПре месец

    Simon: “I’m actually smashing it. Right after. Simon: Dies

  81. Saiantan Mitra

    Saiantan MitraПре месец

    Thanks for informing bro 🤗🤝

  82. Felix Stewart

    Felix StewartПре месец

    Simon finishes in a minute and Talia never finishes. Makes sense to be honest.

  83. UyemaTheGoat

    UyemaTheGoatПре месец

    Tht one there was a violation, personally I wouldn't have it.

  84. Aayman Afzal

    Aayman AfzalПре месец


  85. CookiestMonster

    CookiestMonsterПре месец


  86. Anastasia Bondar

    Anastasia BondarПре месец


  87. eXplicitn

    eXplicitnПре месец

    Pls bring Talia in your streamer life simulator to design one of the 🏠

  88. Joseph Odunaike-tavolilla

    Joseph Odunaike-tavolillaПре месец

    They are great partners

  89. Kumar Gaurav

    Kumar GauravПре месец

    Video with Talia, description all sidemen links :D

  90. Daddy cecil

    Daddy cecilПре месец

    I hope I can get a PS5 someday 🥺

  91. Jan de Lichte

    Jan de LichteПре месец

    Damn talia is lucky, simon's so supportive 😂👌

  92. David Heaven

    David HeavenПре месец

    It hurts knowing this isn’t called little big planet anymore 😞

  93. Jamie

    JamieПре 19 дана

    It's a spin off

  94. Poric Crompton

    Poric CromptonПре месец


  95. Adepoju Adeyiga

    Adepoju AdeyigaПре месец

    I used to love little big planet

  96. Sebastian Gade

    Sebastian GadeПре месец

    It's just a spin off game

  97. CookiestMonster

    CookiestMonsterПре месец

    Nothing happened to little big planet

  98. Purple Z281

    Purple Z281Пре месец

    I really want to try it now 🤩 it worked 😉😊 looks like so much fun

  99. MOZA “O M4 R”

    MOZA “O M4 R”Пре месец

    Talia's looking mad good yk

  100. Logan Aylmer

    Logan AylmerПре месец

    shush ya mush

  101. noelle nguyen

    noelle nguyenПре месец

    simon chanting for talia is so funny

  102. Lan Tran

    Lan TranПре месец

    Talia and Simon are a perfect couple

  103. Hakan Otan

    Hakan OtanПре месец

    This is lowkey one of the best videos they have recorded together

  104. coolboygaming

    coolboygamingПре месец

    I like the sideman channel

  105. H C

    H CПре месец

    9:37 best part of the video

  106. Wiotz Zer

    Wiotz ZerПре месец


  107. 7d,27 Zeehan khan

    7d,27 Zeehan khanПре месец

    Hi Simon Love your videos

  108. Jan de Lichte

    Jan de LichteПре месец

    Yay! Love these man

  109. Adi Chatterjee

    Adi ChatterjeeПре месец

    Don’t sing clean up it’s haram fam 😂

  110. Divine Beast

    Divine BeastПре месец

    I am early

  111. Bee And Dee

    Bee And DeeПре месец

    Talia looks a bit different

  112. Wiotz Zer

    Wiotz ZerПре месец

    You are so gay

  113. Arjun Khanna

    Arjun KhannaПре месец

    Do not wear headphones watching this video especially during 7:02

  114. KD1211

    KD1211Пре месец

    If you’re reading the comments before watching the video for whatever reason just know that Simon makes some mad noises so I wouldn’t recommend having the volume loud

  115. Dollray

    DollrayПре месец

    I made the mistake of doing just that but in the bathroom lmaooooo

  116. Phoenix Plays-YT

    Phoenix Plays-YTПре месец

    Streamer Life Simulator Thats all I say

  117. Anbu Damodaran

    Anbu DamodaranПре месец

    Simon: "...and you guys can do it as well" *Sad wii console players noises*

  118. Arjun Khanna

    Arjun KhannaПре месец

    I feel like everyone should rewatch this video watching just Talia's expressions

  119. Arjun Khanna

    Arjun KhannaПре месец

    @Cookie Monster only a creep would think that it is creepy to just watch weird facial expressions

  120. Adrian

    AdrianПре месец

    @Cookie Monster i get what youre tryna say, but if it was a man you wouldn’t say this, literally just pointing out weird expressions, thats it

  121. In a hole

    In a holeПре месец

    @Cookie Monster How is it a creep to see someone make strange expressions?

  122. Cookie Monster

    Cookie MonsterПре месец


  123. Aditya Gupta

    Aditya GuptaПре месец


  124. Mohammed Sayful Islam

    Mohammed Sayful IslamПре месец

    I wonder how Simon feels after hearing talia's scream constantly

  125. JMN

    JMNПре месец

    I mean it's not like he doesn't makes her scream his name every night

  126. Hakan Otan

    Hakan OtanПре месец

    Imagine JJ just chilling in his room and just hears that😭😭 would be mad

  127. Bryan RJ

    Bryan RJПре месец

    he probably hears it every night