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  1. habichuela

    habichuelaПре 14 дана

    please please PLEASEEEE make more videos using that 😭

  2. Hvgjj Gggh

    Hvgjj GgghПре 22 дана

    You came in this trend late my g

  3. SAYZ & NISH

    SAYZ & NISHПре 24 дана

    Plz do in unboxings it's the best

  4. Ariel Herrera

    Ariel HerreraПре 24 дана

    Bro this could be a badass sidemen sunday

  5. Jesus Gomez

    Jesus GomezПре 25 дана

    You should give it away after the videos I think that would be dope if you did

  6. luca francis

    luca francisПре 25 дана

    Why did he do the intro like Harry?

  7. Mo Joseph

    Mo JosephПре 25 дана

    You can up the speed in the settings

  8. UtterlyMilk

    UtterlyMilkПре 25 дана


  9. Mai-san

    Mai-sanПре 26 дана

    Loved this video hope more to come soon

  10. Sander Ognedal

    Sander OgnedalПре 26 дана

    This should be a sidemen video, everyone gets one and races them

  11. Jaimi Mack

    Jaimi MackПре 27 дана

    I love lege

  12. hasnain ahmed

    hasnain ahmedПре 27 дана


  13. Kiwi Valdez

    Kiwi ValdezПре 27 дана

    You should make a p.o box so fans can send stuff and you can involve that stuff with this unboxing series or it can be one on its own

  14. Julian

    JulianПре 27 дана

    I thought JJ and Simon had moved?

  15. RHS Daye

    RHS DayeПре 28 дана

    This should be a sideman video

  16. Emiliano Martinez

    Emiliano MartinezПре 28 дана

    anyone else think he should make a nintendo channel?

  17. Jay Bevoman #ItsComingHome

    Jay Bevoman #ItsComingHomeПре 28 дана

    0:50 Deji already did it... Keep up ffs

  18. Jake Generosi

    Jake GenerosiПре 28 дана

    You ever disrespect the homeboy Wig again I’m unsubscribing

  19. nathan anthony

    nathan anthonyПре 28 дана

    For the things that you unbox but dont use, can you do a give away with them?

  20. 3L3MENT

    3L3MENTПре 28 дана

    This series will be fun 👊🏻

  21. Joakim Heitmann

    Joakim HeitmannПре 28 дана

    All lacatu fans. I feel you after what he said

  22. Victor Candelaria

    Victor CandelariaПре 28 дана


  23. Wavyy

    WavyyПре 29 дана

    Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon .

  24. Wavyy

    WavyyПре 29 дана

    Matthew 3:2 .

  25. Vader707 YT

    Vader707 YTПре 29 дана

    That be pog

  26. Vader707 YT

    Vader707 YTПре 29 дана

    Do this Mario kart a series

  27. MoritzLive -

    MoritzLive -Пре 29 дана

    Kinda reminds me off Anki Overdrive 🤷🏽‍♂️😅

  28. Max

    MaxПре 29 дана

    Luigi is elite

  29. RyanLIVE

    RyanLIVEПре 29 дана

    its laggy cos u have to be in the same room

  30. Eon

    EonПре месец

    Luigi is better than Mario.

  31. K1- 2Wavy

    K1- 2WavyПре месец

    It would be sick if they do a hide and seek with this

  32. Walking Rexy

    Walking RexyПре месец

    Imagine preferring Mario to Luigi

  33. Ian Pienaar

    Ian PienaarПре месец

    Not hating this series at all

  34. DavidBrit

    DavidBritПре месец

    I couldn't even tell this was by Simon by how exaggerated the thumbnail is

  35. ftw hard

    ftw hardПре месец

    U didn't break it . It's slow and if your switch isn't in the same room it's laggy

  36. adrianx10mio

    adrianx10mioПре месец

    I mean, why is this not in the main Channel ? Is quality

  37. AAULTRA 3

    AAULTRA 3Пре месец

    The handheld shot of Simon in his setup was such a good shot, shoutout to the camera man

  38. d41kness

    d41knessПре месец

    Hes w2s now

  39. Jonathan Bamoyo

    Jonathan BamoyoПре месец

    It would be very funny if Simon spyed on JJ with the kart😂

  40. João Tomás Correia

    João Tomás CorreiaПре месец

    Simon: No one likes Luigi Me: Dislike

  41. Paradox sunflowers

    Paradox sunflowersПре месец

    Should start a channel called MiniminterUnboxing

  42. Paradox sunflowers

    Paradox sunflowersПре месец


  43. Tait McMartin

    Tait McMartinПре месец

    love the beard

  44. RocketRiderYT

    RocketRiderYTПре месец

    Can you unbox amazon pallets

  45. Michael Noble-Saroto

    Michael Noble-SarotoПре месец

    Since you're on the Mario theme you should try LEGO Super Mario and you can actually get Mario

  46. Xanzo

    XanzoПре месец

    Hey Simon play watch dogs legion that game is so sick

  47. Oziel Bravo

    Oziel BravoПре месец

    Do another one

  48. Mello

    MelloПре месец

    This didn’t get recommended. Might have to call RSclub. Stopping my mans mc minter

  49. Requelme James

    Requelme JamesПре месец

    Deji had that game


    ZAIN PRIDEПре месец

    You should unbox a wl toys a959b it's quite fun.

  51. SpeedFreak69

    SpeedFreak69Пре месец

    This series is gonna be sick. Please continue.

  52. stephanie mcr

    stephanie mcrПре месец

    I would love if this was a series! I think the lag was because you were in the other room and the Bluetooth connection was too far away


    ZEROSNAKEПре месец

    Do more! This is Sick🔥🔥

  54. Memertheop

    MemertheopПре месец


  55. Ose Nogs

    Ose NogsПре месец

    Dope or nope

  56. Rabbit TKO

    Rabbit TKOПре месец

    Ayo simon acc replies to comments here!?

  57. Vivimander “Vi”

    Vivimander “Vi”Пре месец

    True fact Luigi is better than Mario especially because Mario got executed or was arrested for crimes or something according to memes & im memes we trust

  58. Blake Mcl

    Blake MclПре месец

    1:09 I get Harry vibes from this

  59. James Chan

    James ChanПре месец

    How has this vid flopped is a good vid

  60. Montage Tracks

    Montage TracksПре месец

    8:37 Simon on some coke ngl

  61. siddharth shringare

    siddharth shringareПре месец

    is this mini minter or harry xD

  62. Gamer64

    Gamer64Пре месец

    Play forza horizon 4 with steering wheel and pedals

  63. Wolf

    WolfПре месец

    I clicked on a Simon video not a Harry-does-a-jazz-hands- video Simon

  64. Hasan Al Araji

    Hasan Al ArajiПре месец

    Great video 👍

  65. Bloody FitNerd

    Bloody FitNerdПре месец

    Luigi is better than Mario anyway.

  66. Luke Sprankle

    Luke SprankleПре месец

    Please do Anki Overdrive with like Talia or JJ

  67. Raindrop

    RaindropПре месец

    I wish Simon had harrys personality type only because Simon doesn't have one.

  68. kamal271 seidu

    kamal271 seiduПре месец

    when you have no one to play

  69. Malachy marsh

    Malachy marshПре месец

    the harry special at 1:10

  70. JJ S

    JJ SПре месец

    Will this inspire simon to play switch games again

  71. jaw tiks

    jaw tiksПре месец

    Why isn't this on your main channel then? this was a banging video!!!

  72. Bailey M

    Bailey MПре месец

    He really said hey sidemen unboxing is a good idea from sidemen Sunday imma do it😂 the king

  73. James Moody

    James MoodyПре месец

    Miniminter reviews??

  74. Crowkid 555

    Crowkid 555Пре месец

    I wish the sidemen did mario kart

  75. Cinto

    CintoПре месец

    Yoww simon unbox the iron man mask...its sickkk

  76. Thomas Hardcastle

    Thomas HardcastleПре месец

    This will be a sick series

  77. PoZr

    PoZrПре месец

    Make this a MoreSidemen video. Have the rest of the guys get one and make a couple races out of it

  78. wang cheokteng

    wang cheoktengПре месец

    Imagine setting the track course into JJ room haha that would be joke to see JJ reaction to it 😂

  79. sk8er2375

    sk8er2375Пре месец

    Game wasn’t laggy for me

  80. Vahdet Akyurek

    Vahdet AkyurekПре месец

    “JJ talking about how hard it is to make a track, that was East” 😂😂

  81. Tytan H

    Tytan HПре месец

    Gonna love this series thanks for the great content Simon

  82. Walide Belila

    Walide BelilaПре месец


  83. Aussie fish aquariums and terrariums

    Aussie fish aquariums and terrariumsПре месец

    Idubbz bad unboxing legacy continues through you Simon, use this power wisely

  84. DylLVFC08 _

    DylLVFC08 _Пре месец

    I have the Mario one

  85. iTysonTk

    iTysonTkПре месец


  86. Yasir Maqsood

    Yasir MaqsoodПре месец

    You won't be playing that again. send me this :D

  87. mini boii

    mini boiiПре месец

    U did damage it

  88. Gino Pravisani

    Gino PravisaniПре месец

    Lol Simon doesn't know that the range is dodgy between switch system and AR kart

  89. William Johnson

    William JohnsonПре месец

    Simon is trying to grow a beard!

  90. Fernando Franchini

    Fernando FranchiniПре месец

    Order a electric motorcycle and then unbox it, it would be fun to watch u assembled it and ride it

  91. Ivan

    IvanПре месец

    So no streamer simulator?

  92. Zac Blade

    Zac BladeПре месец

    I like this series. Main channel worthy in my opinion.

  93. paul hales

    paul halesПре месец

    Simon do the fortnite series again

  94. Antonio Saldana

    Antonio SaldanaПре месец

    We want streamer simulator back

  95. Ant James

    Ant JamesПре месец

    Great vid

  96. Logan Baker

    Logan BakerПре месец

    When is the next streamer life simulator coming out Simon???

  97. spungBOB.

    spungBOB.Пре месец

    is stream life simulator just over? whats going on simon??

  98. עילי הלוי

    עילי הלויПре месец

    Just post streamer simulator man

  99. Jakov Starinec

    Jakov StarinecПре месец

    unbox random football shirts

  100. turtle-gaming 96

    turtle-gaming 96Пре месец

    Hi again its me

  101. Connorwalker

    ConnorwalkerПре месец

    Rip streamer life