WE PACKED A 6 MILLION COIN MOMENTS ICON (The Henry Theory #75) (FIFA Ultimate Team)

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  1. jordan cox

    jordan coxПре 17 дана

    i kinda just got bored of fifa and went to warzone

  2. Andrew Stokes

    Andrew StokesПре месец

    Anyone who said TOTS Vardy is trash is the biggest capper, that card is bullshit good

  3. Geervan Ram

    Geervan RamПре месец

    Whatz your custom tactics

  4. Nichswaggi Jensen

    Nichswaggi JensenПре месец

    Game changer luck

  5. 《FCB_RAD》

    《FCB_RAD》Пре месец

    *One the thumbnail its shows 5,000,000 but in the title it says 6milion* 😧

  6. Gamer boy bwa bwa

    Gamer boy bwa bwaПре месец

    Anyone said about his game name

  7. IamZedV1

    IamZedV1Пре месец

    why is striker henry in mid?

  8. Morgan Murphy

    Morgan MurphyПре месец

    Love this series

  9. chris egan

    chris eganПре месец

    Bruh 😎 the pack luck 🍀 in this series

  10. Salim Bashir

    Salim BashirПре месец

    i personally dont like the concept of how he plays with other youtubers i personally liked zidane zone more and i also liked watching him play futchamps rather than co op rivals

  11. Itz Rehaan

    Itz RehaanПре месец

    Hes playing cantona in cdm😂

  12. Forca Barca

    Forca BarcaПре месец

    I packed moments kaka yesterday out of a gold pack

  13. Crispee

    CrispeeПре месец

    bamford series? next??

  14. Riley McMillan

    Riley McMillanПре месец

    I just packed moments Henry from my moments pack in swaps

  15. Kassim Tajideen

    Kassim TajideenПре месец

    U are on the red list

  16. Alec Playon

    Alec PlayonПре месец

    Another French icon

  17. Nathanael Song

    Nathanael SongПре месец

    10:50 you ust got kaned....

  18. Hotdog Gamer

    Hotdog GamerПре месец

    A miniminter cen you do a RSclubr life it's a simmlator it's good. Bycus you have a strimming one plzz do RSclubrs life

  19. Khaby Lame

    Khaby LameПре месец

    Heavenly Father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive safe healthy and financially blessed

  20. Luner _xJ8

    Luner _xJ8Пре месец


  21. Pubg gamer

    Pubg gamerПре месец

    @Standard Gamer nah he is fake

  22. Standard Gamer

    Standard GamerПре месец

    Ayo you are the Tik tok guy

  23. Agustin

    AgustinПре месец

    I got TOTS Bamford just playing normally and threw him in the Guaranteed Prem TOTS SBC because i already has TOTS Kane from the 84+ player pick. Ended up getting Fofana

  24. Elvin Olin

    Elvin OlinПре месец


  25. IWillWin

    IWillWinПре месец

    I dont understand why they are getting excided about the price when they cant even sell it..

  26. Football addict

    Football addictПре месец

    because they got someone worth 6 mil for free

  27. Yaaaa wahhhhh

    Yaaaa wahhhhhПре месец

    You and the wizard definitely top tier duo

  28. Kaelon D

    Kaelon DПре месец

    Should've played Carrillo. He's actually really good

  29. Kavitha Naveen

    Kavitha NaveenПре месец

    hey Simon will pls play ARK survival evolved its a really fun game and I'd love to see series on it I'm sure a lot of other people would like it to so will you pls play it

  30. Colm Poyo

    Colm PoyoПре месец

    he doesnt even play but packs insane players

  31. Hazard10 Mount19 Kanté7

    Hazard10 Mount19 Kanté7Пре месец

    Simon get 84 nick pope🤣

  32. Wayne Yong

    Wayne YongПре месец

    Simon with credit card team: everyone has some amazing team

  33. Jz Jamal

    Jz JamalПре месец

    Get Theo to 1 mill

  34. apex night

    apex nightПре месец

    Make runs on bamford left foot with some power in the shot it's going in

  35. Tristan Facius

    Tristan FaciusПре месец

    My friend got Bruno fernandes in the guaranteed prem pack

  36. Jack Carter

    Jack CarterПре месец

    I did the Powell and Bamford objectives and instantly put them into the PL tots pack. Got De Bruyne!!!!!!


    ALFIE GEARSПре месец

    minminter going from hernandez twice to momments viera

  38. Harry Vlogz

    Harry VlogzПре месец

    I swear down Theo broke his hand

  39. adama PogChamp

    adama PogChampПре месец

    The title says 6 million and the thumbnail says 5 million, so consistent

  40. Sensoriz

    SensorizПре месец

    Can I point out all Simons moments icons have won the World Cup

  41. Split Vision

    Split VisionПре месец

    Ya just got shawd Ya just got moored Ya just scored

  42. Ashkon Ebrahimpour

    Ashkon EbrahimpourПре месец

    You should do 94 aguero he is so good

  43. Astro

    AstroПре месец

    Now simon should get ronaldinho or butragueno

  44. DarkPotato24

    DarkPotato24Пре месец

    Start cantona instad of soucek and flip veira and cantona. Also you could start neuer

  45. Mohammed Sayful Islam

    Mohammed Sayful IslamПре месец

    Hey, why is there some dislikes, that right there, DISGUSTS ME

  46. Maliis_Games

    Maliis_GamesПре месец

    when he turned down vardy my heart dropped

  47. Jason Fanning

    Jason FanningПре месец

    FIFA in the mud recently.

  48. M_ Rws

    M_ RwsПре месец

    I literally said veira before watching the vid 🤣🤣🤣

  49. Team A.k 47 Reaper

    Team A.k 47 ReaperПре месец

    Woohoo he finally uploads

  50. Marko Bozickovic

    Marko BozickovicПре месец

    Idk if you know this but theres a person called king miniminter on clash royale thats one of the top players on ladder globaly

  51. zak ahmed

    zak ahmedПре месец

    its backkkkkkkkkkkkk

  52. JWO 789

    JWO 789Пре месец

    Swear these episodes get shorter and shorter

  53. JG_ 1875

    JG_ 1875Пре месец

    Get w2s on the Henry theory please!!!!

  54. بكر-كترات

    بكر-كتراتПре месец

    8:23 thank me later

  55. Alban Pasoma

    Alban PasomaПре месец

    Guys can anyone gameshare fifa 21 to me pls XD

  56. بكر-كترات

    بكر-كتراتПре месец

    When The wizard in any of simon's vids you are guaranteed with a great pack

  57. lol idk

    lol idkПре месец

    I thought this fiba in streamer life simulator... dislike

  58. lavesh vila

    lavesh vilaПре месец

    Fam the pack luck his acc has

  59. Alisha Lowry

    Alisha LowryПре месец

    i dont want this series to endddd :(

  60. Ash

    AshПре месец

    These are so much better with guests, the series loses so much personality without one

  61. Yaseen Uddin

    Yaseen UddinПре месец

    It's he ever going to change the club name from Leicester

  62. wham donny

    wham donnyПре месец

    This account has broken pack luck

  63. Eli Tachan

    Eli TachanПре месец

    This account is so lucky it’s actually stupid

  64. Father Kemp

    Father KempПре месец

    That was duuuuuuttty fam

  65. KaboomA

    KaboomAПре месец

    I was like how has this guy already done so many icon swaps until I realised he uploaded old gameplay 😂

  66. Mohammed Ibrahim

    Mohammed IbrahimПре месец

    theo with the luck

  67. N Mathematics

    N MathematicsПре месец

    Icl the series is dead now Or atleast the gameplay is

  68. Kyle Smith

    Kyle SmithПре месец

    U should have picked vardy i haven't used him but he looks good

  69. andreas mägi

    andreas mägiПре месец

    Hey what? Vardy is actually decent, carried me again in fut champions

  70. Jack Brookfield

    Jack BrookfieldПре месец

    Then singing : “you just got shawed” “you just got moored” *Kane scores* Me: “you just got KAAAAAAANNNNNNNEEEEEEEDDDDDDD”

  71. Boitshepo Nkoane

    Boitshepo NkoaneПре месец

    Tbh i had forgotten about this series 🥲

  72. Mudiwa Mkanganwi

    Mudiwa MkanganwiПре месец

    6 million icon? Viz must be on the call

  73. Abdulla Al Jurdabi

    Abdulla Al JurdabiПре месец

    and we are back for one of the shittest series ever

  74. Football addict

    Football addictПре месец

    why you watching it then

  75. Lucas Mcquade

    Lucas McquadeПре месец

    Intro never gets old ;)

  76. Unknown Dave

    Unknown DaveПре месец

    Get Danny Aaron’s on

  77. STILL

    STILLПре месец

    One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates🎈

  78. Arman Chowdhury

    Arman ChowdhuryПре месец

    The last icon pack he opened I got moments R9 from it

  79. Raphael Mahgerefteh

    Raphael MahgereftehПре месец

    Omg even his red picks are red listed

  80. Deepesh Kumar Pandey

    Deepesh Kumar PandeyПре месец

    They are

  81. Muamer Mehic

    Muamer MehicПре месец

    Im sad the series is ending. Was such a good series but ngl Zidane Zone was better. This would be better if he invited other guests P. S remember Fortune and Giroud

  82. ariz nazeman

    ariz nazemanПре месец

    odegaard too

  83. Shivam Bhuwal

    Shivam BhuwalПре месец

    Obviously.Absolute legends both of them.

  84. Dink__11

    Dink__11Пре месец

    Why is simons pack luck so sick I got giggs ffs

  85. ZxK

    ZxKПре 29 дана

    Moments Inzaghi💀

  86. Invaluable GOAT Sterling

    Invaluable GOAT SterlingПре месец

    man i got fernando hierro from92+ moments icon...

  87. Owen Taper

    Owen TaperПре месец

    I got fucking litminin the Finland troll

  88. Aidan Nicholls

    Aidan NichollsПре месец

    Phantom Scorp bro I got vieri

  89. Phantom Scorp

    Phantom ScorpПре месец

    I got moments litmanen 😂

  90. bobstanleycr grinds 4 jefafa

    bobstanleycr grinds 4 jefafaПре месец

    Remember when it wasn't just a pack opening

  91. Sam Metcalfe

    Sam MetcalfeПре месец

    At this point I only click on these to see the thumbnail pack

  92. Yes Sir

    Yes SirПре месец

    Luke Shaw 😚😚

  93. Ellis J07

    Ellis J07Пре месец

    Says 5,000,000 on thumbnail but 6,000,000 in the title😂😂😂

  94. Daithí Burke

    Daithí BurkeПре месец

    Next series on Cantona???

  95. The Three Baldies

    The Three BaldiesПре месец

    Depends if there is a cantona song available

  96. Maestros

    MaestrosПре месец

    8:25 for the icon

  97. Reece Staerck

    Reece StaerckПре месец

    Wish he uploaded more of these

  98. David Saluib

    David SaluibПре месец

    Please upload more plzzz

  99. Vanden Pereira

    Vanden PereiraПре месец

    How’s this man so lucky

  100. Pushcro

    PushcroПре месец

    8:22 is why we are here

  101. 914 Brett Sequeira

    914 Brett SequeiraПре месец

    Make more fifa vids mate

  102. Claps on 60fps

    Claps on 60fpsПре месец

    Last video We packed at 3 Mill icon this video we packed a 6 mil icon next video we pack a 12 mill icon ?

  103. Connor Dobson

    Connor DobsonПре месец

    Bruh the pack luck in this series 😱

  104. Kthatslife

    KthatslifeПре месец

    He is one of the biggest Fifa youtubers at the moment (its always on top trending) I'm pretty sure Fifa just adjusted his account to have better draw odds.

  105. Instinctive HD

    Instinctive HDПре месец

    @imHomura_ I just got tots haaland, such an l 😭

  106. imHomura_

    imHomura_Пре месец

    And then there’s me with 5 free 100k packs and I can’t even get a walkout. Even icon swaps packs. I opened the 84x20 and 81x25 and the best player I got was veratti. I cbfa

  107. Issam Adra

    Issam AdraПре месец

    Fr he packed tots bamford

  108. Aarron Livingston

    Aarron LivingstonПре месец

    @Instinctive HD no? Two of them in div 5 and one div 7

  109. Batman_ Panda181

    Batman_ Panda181Пре месец

    Who else is hyped for this

  110. Jazib Malik

    Jazib MalikПре месец

    Where is his new Henry?

  111. Ollie Deller

    Ollie DellerПре месец

    this account is juiced 😭

  112. XioRG

    XioRGПре месец

    8:26 is what you're here for

  113. Ollie Anthony

    Ollie AnthonyПре месец

    Wag Wong my G mans looking leng 😂

  114. Zach Younis

    Zach YounisПре месец

    We need more content Simon

  115. Hafiz Alfarzan

    Hafiz AlfarzanПре месец


  116. IshanN_7

    IshanN_7Пре месец

    Me gusta mucho😏

  117. Antwone Dowar

    Antwone DowarПре месец


  118. Willz

    WillzПре месец

    Damn bruh just got blessed

  119. Manuel plaz

    Manuel plazПре месец

    Just started playing fifa 21

  120. Tyrece Joseph

    Tyrece JosephПре месец

    Well finally.....